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15 Minutes


15 MINUTES follows a NYPD police detective (Robert DeNiro) and a FDNY fire marshal (Ed Burns) as they track two serial killers who videotape their crimes for the television tabloid media.

For this one-sheet campaign, the client, New Line Cinema, wanted to integrate the tabloid TV storyline into the film print campaign. This means the film poster needed to evoke the film’s media footage plot, not just a New York City cop drama.

Often in large film campaigns, several designers contribute to the evolution of final poster art. As lead art director for this film’s key art, it became my responsibility to integrate a number of outside designs into a single one-sheet. For example, another designer’s early concept was integrated with my own movie poster designs, and through many client revisions evolved into this final one-sheet poster.

The logo design and key art was also incorporated into the film’s movie trailer titles.


Client: New Line Cinema

US Domestic Movie Poster
Movie Trailer Titles


15 Minutes Movie Trailer

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15 Minutes movie trailer title graphics