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If These Walls Could Talk 2


The high profile HBO film IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK 2 features three stories tied together by the topic of lesbians. (The film is a sequel to the previous HBO movie that featured short stories about abortion.)

The challenge: How do you depict a provocative subject without drawing overt attention to said topic?

The answer: Show movie stars. The Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres story became the focus for this poster concept.

I selected a shot of the couple (from a special shoot by Herb Ritts) to center the ad around. This image required extensive rework, especially since many of the shots were very soft focus. I sharpened and colored the duo to give a more vibrant look, particularly in Sharon Stone’s eye color.

The gallery below the main image was a late stage compromise to depict the entire cast. Note the strategic punctuation in the copy line:

women. love. women.


Client: HBO

Television Movie Poster