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Jackie Chan’s First Strike


FIRST STRIKE was the third Jackie Chan film to see a US release. Being a fan, I enjoyed being a part of this campaign, one of several Jackie Chan movies I have worked on including: RUMBLE IN THE BRONX, SUPERCOP, MR. NICE GUY, and RUSH HOUR.

The client wanted to depart from the standard “kung fu” action film look in an effort to broaden the international action star’s appeal. As anyone who has seen a Jackie Chan film knows, there is much more to him than a static image would represent.

In this case, a James Bond spy look is in order with a stylized radar sweep gun sight with a world map to overlay on Jackie’s face for a globe-trotting look. The logo was an early example of the popular font choice for action movie titles: the Bank Gothic typeface.

It is interesting to note the film studio made the PG-13 rating logo white and centered to stand out in the credit block because they wanted to appeal to the largest audience possible — previous Jackie Chan US releases had been rated R, so New Line felt the PG-13 logo would be a selling point.


Client: New Line Cinema

US Domestic Movie Poster