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PALMETTO is a film noir tale against the backdrop of the town of Palmetto, Florida. The movie poster art went through many tweaks along the way, hence the differing elements that fill the layout. The original design was similar to what you see here, but with different head shots, a different small figure, and a more simplified layout. Often in movie poster design, various issues having nothing to do with art or design crop up, requiring changes to the poster. For example, late in the process we learned that the stars name credits had to appear in a different order, thus their unusual placement (over foreheads). The palm tree was another last minute addition requested by the client. One mistake that made it into the final poster: Elizabeth Shue’s small figure at the bottom appears to have a hand growing out of her forehead, rather than reading as her wiping her brow with the back of her right hand. This film poster departs from the standard dark noir-ish poster look of modern thrillers, giving a different feel for the key art.


Client: Columbia Pictures

US Domestic Movie Poster