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Three to Tango


All’s fair in the war of love.

Or so goes the copy line I wrote for this THREE TO TANGO movie poster. Actually I preferred another line I wrote:

A love triangle with too many sides.

For this Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, and Dylan McDermott sandwich, I employed a time honored (at least in 1999) technique of “half-tone dots” as a design treatment.

This was in response to the “make it hip and fresh” direction from the client.

The twist in this case was that there were to be three versions of this poster: blue, orange, and red. Each poster would have the same exact image, with Neve’s dress color changing to match the background of whatever variation.

This concept was not selected, and what you see here is the rejected “blue” version of the movie poster.


Client: Warner Bros. Pictures

Unused movie poster concept