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American History X


AMERICAN HISTORY X chronicles the life of two brothers, Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) a powerful and influential neo-Nazi skinhead, and Danny (Edward Furlong), his younger and impressionable brother.

For the home video cover art (which at the time included VHS and DVD), the studio wanted to emphasize both brothers, rather than just Norton (as seen in the theatrical one-sheet). Working on video is interesting, because you are coming into a project at a later stage. Poster artwork already exists from the original theatrical release — it becomes a rethink of something that has already been explored by others before you.

The final art is relatively unchanged from my initial design, including the copy line I wrote:


I posterized the faces and tinted them red to suggest the neo-Nazi storyline. The title is large for impact. It’s a rare occasion when a title runs up and down, as clients tend to shy away from that.


Client: New Line Cinema

Home Video Movie Poster