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Babylon 5: River of Souls


For the BABYLON 5 movie RIVER OF SOULS, the TNT cable network wanted more of a theatrical one-sheet look for print ads. The challenge is certain layout concessions have to be made, such as the large yellow TNT network logo and bottom format of the poster following a predetermined style.

For this poster print ad, I shot my own hand (holding my trusty Magic 8-ball) with a digital camera. This was to stand in for Martin Sheen’s hand holding the sphere containing the Babylon 5 space station. The image relates to the story of the film: a “Soul Hunter” employs a mysterious sphere during his exploits on the space station.

As a colleague pointed out, the poster has certain Robert Heinlein feel to it — apparently to the satisfaction of the client, as this was the first round concept they picked for the final poster.


Client: TNT Network

Television Movie Poster