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Band of Brothers


The 10 episode Emmy winning World War II mini-series BAND OF BROTHERS tells the story of the men of Easy Company in the US Army Airborne Paratroopers. The HBO series was produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

For early concepts, we relied on actual photographs from the World War II era. We also used stock and vintage photography since on-set unit photos were unavailable for use in early stages of the design process. These rough “comps” using stock photos and special shoots we created allowed the client to see early yet polished poster concepts. Another aspect of these early rounds are the “greeked” (fake) copylines, since no copy had been written for the campaign yet.

For this television print advertising poster comp, I emphasized the “grunts on the ground” silhouettes of Army soldiers as a storm is moving in, with a single soldier pointing the way.

This initial round rough concept art was the basis of the final artwork used for the HBO mini-series key art.


Client: HBO

Unused movie poster concept