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Blow Dry


The indie film BLOW DRY chronicles an unlikely arena for a movie: a British hairdressing championship. The ensemble dramedy features a mix of acclaimed British actors and an American teen idol or two.

How do you market an eclectic film about hairdressers? The answer, at least in this concept, is the popular mantra: sex sells.

The “sexy” being sold is supplied by supermodel and PROJECT RUNWAY host Heidi Klum, who appeared briefly in the film. We conducted a special photo shoot of Heidi Klum modeling nude in various poses designed specifically for the print campaign, one of which that you see here.

This movie poster never made it out of the first round of movie poster concepts, and the final campaign moved to highlighting the two young stars of the film (Josh Hartnett and Rachael Leigh Cook). Who would imagine a studio turning down a poster of Heidi Klum nude?


Client: Miramax Films

Unused movie poster concept