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Crash & Burn


CRASH & BURN is a television show pilot created by comedian and actor Lance Krall and produced by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. The comedy centers around the “Crash & Burn stunt team”, headed by Lee Majors.

(Yes, that Lee Majors.)

For this unaired TV pilot, I created the logo for the team and stunt school seen in the show, which appears throughout the pilot on various t-shirts, signage, and more. The logo was also used as the title treatment for print promo materials created for the show.

Following direction from Krall, the logotype was designed as a tongue in cheek homage to the popular Lee Majors 1980s stunt show The Fall Guy and it’s original eagle logo. For the eagle in this design, the bird was given a distinctive “taking care of business” style thunderbolt body and a stylized pair of clipped wings, giving the sharp tipped icon the nickname “the lawn dart”. The logo originally featured the & (ampersand) from the title placed over the eagle, but it was removed at the client’s request because they felt it looked better without it.


Client: 900 Films

Television Series Pilot Logo