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Final Fantasy The Spirits Within


Final Fantasy The Spirits Within is a computer animated science film from Sony and Square Pictures loosely based on the popular Final Fantasy video game series. The movie has the distinction of being the first photorealistic computer animated feature film and the most expensive video game based film ever made.

Early in the production of the film (then titled Final Fantasy The Movie), Sony solicited movie title treatment designs for use in early promotional trailers. For these title graphics, I not only designed a static version of the logo, but also offered directions for motion graphics animators on how to animate the logo for use in trailers.

This unused logo uses a serif typeface called Augustea. The shadows in the logo were to be animated moving around the various serifs as is coming from a single moving light source, ending with the shadows revealing the film title. This and other early logo concepts were never used, partially because the production of the film lasted so long and creative direction changed over time.


Client: Sony Pictures

Unused movie title treatment