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Tales from the Hood


Tales from the Hood was described by the client as a “hip-hop horror anthology” movie. The film features four short stories, bridged with a story of drug dealers buying drugs from an eccentric funeral director.

Before any movie poster art or promotional material was created, the client was looking for a logo title design, intended to be used in the film’s trailer and movie poster. (Both later created by a different ad agency.) The main creative direction given for the logo was “gothic horror with an edge”. With that in mind, I worked off the gothic Kelmscott typeface and manipulated it into a more sinister looking logotype, with various sharp edges and points. The blood red color in the final version of the title treatment helped punctuate the horror feel.


Client: Savoy Pictures

Movie Poster Logo Design

Movie Trailer Logo


Tales from the Hood Movie Trailer

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Tales from the Hood movie trailer