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The Fall


THE FALL is a thriller in the classic sense; the various incarnations of the double-cross. The haunting look from actress Hélène de Fougerolles in the poster definitely leaves an impression. It is an undefined look, meaning it is open to speculation, much like her character in the story. The color also gives it a somber feel.

This promotional poster (a poster created before final key art is designed, often used to help sell a film to distribution companies) was one of the few examples where the final version of the movie poster remained relatively close to my original promo poster design. The only change was the small scene of the running girl at the bottom, which was inspired by a different movie poster design. This happens often, a client asking to take one part of one movie poster comp and insert it into another.

Note that legal contracts required that Craig Sheffer’s name goes first, even though it does not line up with his image on the right.


Client: Spartan Home Entertainment

Promotional Movie Poster